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What Are The HDB Renovation Noise Rules In Singapore?

Singapore has pretty tight rules for renovation and construction. It’s one of the primary reasons you should always hire a bizSafe Level 3 certified company, Casetrust and RCMA accredited company such as M2D Interior. You don’t want your precious project to come to a halt because the company you hired violated the laws set.

Most HDB rules are set with the comfort of locals in mind. As such, HDB renovation noise rules are simple and all about not blasting your eardrums. Let’s take a look at the rules.

HDB Renovation Noise Rules

No Renovation On Sunday and Holidays

Renovations in a residential area should not be done on Sunday or other public holidays. We assume it’s mostly because more people tend to be home on those days. As a result, if any drilling or hacking happens in your housing, your neighbors might find the noise distracting.

Days For General Renovation

If it involves general renovation, the timing for it is set as 9 am to 6 pm. Essentially, we are talking about office timing, when fewer people in their home are likely to be disturbed by the noises the renovation would produce. Renovation should also only happen on weekdays and Saturdays.

 There are plenty of offices and institutes active on Saturday, making the chances of many people being present at home less likely.

For Noisy Renovations

By noisy renovations, we mean drilling, wall removal, ceiling removal, or anything else that needs a bunch of machinery. We are all acquainted with the amount of noise these machines produce, aren’t we? The changes can only be made on weekdays for these sorts of renovations. Even Saturday isn’t allowed in that case.

Additionally, the time limit is reduced to 9 am to 5 pm. No noise-producing renovation should be done on any of the public holidays. Singapore considers Christmas, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, New Year, all holidays.

This rule is set to protect the sanity of the people trying to enjoy a relaxing day and laborers who should be with their family on these particular days.


Final Thoughts

Before hiring any company for HDB renovation, it’s not a bad idea to grill them on their knowledge of the rules. Check their certificates and get a promise they will follow it all. You don’t need to worry about any transgressions from M2 Decor but if you have any questions, they are happy to answer.

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