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Colour Psychology: What Each Colour Represents in Interior Design

Colour Psychology: What Each Colour Represents in Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, choosing the right colours is just as important as your furniture or decor. Apart from setting the tone of an interior, colours are also powerful enough to influence moods and evoke emotions. Therefore, understanding colour psychology is key to creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. This article will take a deep-dive into the different meanings and symbolisms of the four colours below:

1. Blue/ green

Evoking feelings of peace, tranquillity, and relaxation, these two colours are great choices for bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue is often associated with the sea and sky, while green embodies nature and the outdoors. In interior design, blue and green are applicable in a variety of ways. For instance, a fresh and airy feel can be created by pairing slight blue walls with white furniture and accessories. On the other hand, using a deep green accent wall in a living room can add depth and richness to the space. In addition, it may also be ideal to incorporate plants, woven rugs, bamboo blinds or other natural textures to enhance the outdoorsy feel. If you are looking for more decoration recommendations, be sure to leverage professional interior design services.

2. Brown 

Representing comfort and relaxation, brown is a warm and inviting colour that works in a wide variety of styles, from rustic to modern. The colour is typically incorporated as light tan walls in a room, or presented as dark chocolate furniture. A cosy and welcoming environment can be created by using a monochromatic colour scheme, which features different shades of brown. Brown also goes well with complementary colours such as blue or green, creating visual balance in a room.

3. Black

Powerful and bold, black can be manifested through sleek, black furniture or a statement wall, accentuating elegance, sophistication, and dominance to an interior. Meanwhile, smaller black accents such as vases or throw pillows empower contrast and balance. Seeking unique interior styles that differ from typical house designs in Singapore? Pairing black with metallic accents such as gold or silver exudes a touch of luxury instantly. The key is to use black sparingly. The last thing you want is to overwhelm your space by incorporating too much of black.

Black-House design singapore

4. White

‘Classic’ and ‘timeless’ may be the first words that come to mind when you think of the colour white. White is a universal neutral that blends well with any interior design style, ranging from traditional to minimalistic. Reflecting cleanliness, purity, and openness, white can be used in various ways, from white walls to white furniture and accessories. It is also a good option if you advocate spaciousness and simplicity. To add a touch of energy and vibrancy, we recommend incorporating pops of colour such as red or blue, brightening up your interior instantly.

White-Interior design services

Colour psychology is a key aspect of interior design, significantly influencing the mood and atmosphere of any space. When selecting colours, do take the time to understand the symbolisms and meanings behind colours to ease the process and make more informed decisions. Always bear in mind that a beautiful and balanced interior design speaks volumes about your personal style.

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