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M2Decor 3 Bedroom Condominium Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx. 1185 sqft | Home Type: 3 Bedroom Condominium

Scope of work: Hacking works/ Electrical works/ Painting works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Aircon works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Carpentry works/ Tabletop works/ Vinyl works

Minimalist, Zen and Muji are the first things that come to mind when you take a look at this unit. We transformed this 3 bedroom condominium space by installing fluted storage areas and a matching feature celling, gave a new lease of life into a brand new enclosed bright and airy kitchen and created a bathroom to be proud of. The light wood touches and details in this particular project really created a space that our clients loved coming home to.

Are you ready for our home renovation journey? Let's get started and into it!

Here are the key features of this 3 Bedroom Condominium1. Entrance feature wall and storage space in Living Room

2. Bright closed kitchen

3. Wet and Dry Bathroom with storage space

1. Feature wall and storage space in Living Room

For this unit, we really wanted to change how you would feel walking into the space while giving the space harmony and unity. To do this, we created a false ceiling and installed a feature of fluted panels that when lit managed to create a runway into the hallway connecting to the bedrooms. We absolutely loved how this centerpiece for the living room turned out as it really helped to enlarge the living space and give it a sophisticated and unique feel.

Here's a before look into the unit and our renovation process.

The installation of the false celling was a critical part of the design and structure. We lowered the ceiling to recede the fluted panels and be able to run recessed downlights along it. Downlights on false ceiling gives flexibility on how bright you want the place to be. At our point of view, with sufficient ceiling height, 2 key things false ceiling can do1. Create streamline and uncluttered ceiling lights2. Space illumination flexibility

To create harmony within the unit and still give our client the storage they needed, we echoed the fluted panels and installed pale wood cabinetry in the living room. We rounded out and softened a rectangular space into something easier on the eye with natural wood fluted panels and a series of drawers and cabinets that helped hide clutters .

Here is the end result, a minimalist zen living room that our clients couldn't wait to call home.

2. Clean and bright closed kitchen

We created a bright and airy enclosed kitchen with large format (600mm x 1200mm) engineered marble inspired tiles and off white colored cabinetry. The large format ease maintenance especially when it comes to the grouts. We always believe that light colors can brighten and enlarge a space so this is how we carried this minimalist theme into the kitchen.

Here's a the look for during the renovation process (Hacking and Demolition)

Renovation process (Carpentry installation)

The end result with off-white kitchen cabinetry and large format marble inspired tiles for aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

3. Wet and Dry area for bathroom with storage space

They say the bathroom is actually one of the most important areas of the home. We totally hacked and gave new life to the toilet with a wet area and dry storage area. Larger format tiles (600mm x 600mm), ease maintenance when it comes to maintaining the grout lines.Here's a the look for during the renovation process (Hacking and Demolition)

Masonry works

- Erecting walls

- Waterproofing

- Ceiling structure

Full height walls were erected to create segregation of different spaces (Storage space and Shower area)

The end result is really satisfying. We created ample storage space at the dry area which you can hardly find in many bathrooms these days and a sufficient spaced wet area that is solely for showering. Color combination wise, 3 main color palettes were used here and everything seems to blend well with the warm light.

Overall, this was really a home and unit to remember. The classic details of pale wood touches and fluted panels give this home a serene and peaceful finish. We hoped you getting a deeper view of this renovation journey as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.


Scope of work:

1) Demolition works (All works demolition and reinstatement)

2) Masonry works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

3) Plumbing and Electrical rewiring works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

4) Glass works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

5) Painting works (Nippon Paint Singapore)

6) Carpentry works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

7) Systems by (ExcelHW Singapore & BLUM Singapore) 

8) Plastering works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

9) Chemical washing & clearing of Debris (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

10) Premium vinyl flooring (Morihome)

11) Premium Quartz worktop (Melmer stoneworks)

12) Premium selected tiles (Lien Sin Hin)

13) False ceiling works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

14) Air-con works by (By client)

15) Bathroom accessories (By client)

16) Lighting accessories (By client)

M2 Decor Pte Ltd

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