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M2 Decor 4 Bedroom DBSS unit Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx. 980sq ft | Home Type: 4 Bedroom DBSS

Scope of work: Hacking works/ Electrical works/ Painting works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Aircon works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Carpentry works/ Tabletop works

Imagine an oasis of peace and calm. This was the desire of our client for their renovation of their 4 bedroom DBSS unit. A complete enlarged bedroom with en-suite and walk in wardrobe, a space enlarging open concept kitchen, minimalist TV console and key functional appliances made the dream home that our client always wanted. Are you ready for our home renovation journey? Let's get started and into it!

Here are the key features of this 4 Bedroom DBSS Renovation:  1. Combined Bedroom with en-suite and walk-in wardrobe. 2. Open Kitchen to enlarge the space

3. Functional Appliances

1. Enlarged Bedroom with En-suite and Walk-In Wardrobe

For the first design brief, our client requested to combine the common bedroom and the master bedroom to form an enlarged bedroom which would create an en-suite and walk-in wardrobe. A 4 Bedroom DBSS unit comes with 3 bedrooms, 1 en suite bedroom and 2 common bedrooms. Not only are the walls reinforced, you will also notice that there are aircon drain pipes forming in between the walls as well! This is a unique situation and we had to work around it.

It wasn't as simple as hacking down the walls and creating new ones. Look at all the aircon drain pipes, electrical wires and switches that had to be relocated for this project.

In the end, it was a complete success! The combination created a serene and tranquil bedroom great for cosy-ing up at the end of a long day. And, the walk in wardrobe makes getting ready in the morning a joy.

2. Open Kitchen to enlarge the space

For the 2nd design brief, the homeowner requested for a bigger space in their living room by having an open kitchen concept. The removal of existing walls was an intriguing and valuable experience. The walls were not regular brick walls. They were Reinforced Concrete (RC) walls which not only requires considerable amount of effort to remove, but also requires a Professional Engineer to supervise as well because some structures were involved. As compared to all the regular BTOs these days, they are mainly partition walls which requires only a fraction of time to remove them.

Here, we used masonry works to make good and patch up existing walls and ceiling.

We also noticed that this project was unique because the pipes were not the standard exposed copper gas pipes that you find in most HDB flats. We needed to relocate the gas pipes with a Gas contractor.

Look at the extent of the work needed!

Here's a glimpse of the end product. It was for sure worth it in the end as the living space looks much bigger.

3. Creating a Functional Kitchen by using Quality products

If you notice, the size of the the kitchen is cosy - so it is really important that we make use of all the space available to organise and store our daily necessities in an orderly manner. Thus, we recommended the homeowner mechanisms such as the HAFELE Dispensa Tall Pull-Out pantry which the client was extremely grateful for.

Overall, we are grateful for this opportunity and understand that no one house is the same! We hope you enjoyed reading about this unique renovation journey. Watch our client testimonial here!


Scope of work:

1) Demolition works (All works demolition and reinstatement)

2) Masonry works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

3) Plumbing and Electrical rewiring works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

4) Painting works (Nippon Paint Singapore)

5) Carpentry works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

6) Systems by ExcelHW Singapore  and BLUM Singapore 

7) Plastering works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)8) False ceiling works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

9) Chemical washing & clearing of Debris (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

10) Premium Quartz worktop (Consentino Dekton)

11) False ceiling works (M2 Decor Pte Ltd)

12) Air-con works by (Others)

13) Glass works (M Cubes Design and Glass Pte Ltd)

14) Lighting accessories (Online)

M2 Decor Pte Ltd

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