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What Should You Know About HDB Renovation In Singapore?

HDB renovations can cost a massive amount. Not to mention you want to get it right on the first try. By having a good idea of how the process works and the cost of the entire thing, you will be better prepared when you meet up with companies like the M2 Decor. While they would be happy to walk you through the whole process, having some idea on your end will let you have a good balance in the conversation.

1. Settle On A Budget

In most cases, it takes about 12 weeks to complete a project. You will have to keep up a continuous flow of payment during this period. Typically, only percent payment is left to be made once the renovation is finished. Check up on your loans and any savings you may have. Make sure you have enough to bear the entire cost before you contact a firm. Going in uninformed and not knowing enough about the expenses can cause significant disappointment for you.

2. Choose A Interior Designing Firm

HDB renovation isn’t a project you can manage on your home. You need to hire a design firm. You can also opt for a freelance contractor. Typically, a designing firm would cost more than a freelancer. However, you would also have access to more designers under the firm who can assist you. Design firms with a long history would also let you know they can be trusted.

3. Check The Firm Is HDB Registered

For HDB renovation, the owner needs to have a permit. You can get it by following the process the firm you establish contact with suggests. As for the firm, the Interior Designers should be HDB registered. If they don’t have it, the work would be counted as illegal.

This registration is necessary because the firm knows the safety guidelines properly, knows not to mess with the building’s structure and finds the best way not to disturb other homeowners in the building. The registration certificate also lets you know the firm can be trusted. M2 Decor is one of those firms with proper registrations.

Final Thoughts

Once renovation starts, keep getting regular updates from your designer. There is no need to be shy about this. Knowing exactly when the renovation would be finished would also let you know when to begin moving your furniture in. You can also be assured everything is progressing the right way.

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