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What Kind Of Renovation In Singapore Is Illegal?

Anyone planning on renovation in Singapore for their HDB should get themselves acquainted with the laws set in place. Whatever grand design plans you have for your home, you should do so within the limits of legal allowance. By hiring a good interior designing company such as M2 Decor, you don’t really have to worry about the laws being violated.

You should set up a consultation, and if you have a design in mind, they can look through it. They will tell you what is and isn’t possible within the legal boundaries. However, it’s never a bad idea to read up on some rules yourself.

Rules For Renovation In Singapore

You Can’t Conceal Pipes

While it’s wrong to say you can’t conceal the pipes in your bathroom at all, if you do box them, there should be proper openings. The point is to have access to the pipe for future maintenance.

Instead of hiding away your pipes with cabinets, it would be smarter to color them the same color as the walls of the bathroom. Hidden away in plain sight is the way to go.

Removing The Grilles Of The Windows

Actually, you can’t remove window grilles or replace the window altogether. The HDBs are supposed to have a similar look from the outside, and by messing with the window, you change that. It’s also a safety issue, especially for windows running from floor to ceiling.

Can’t Add Mezzanine Floors

Ever looked up lofts on Pinterest and found the balcony like extra flooring inside a single room pretty? Well, you can’t have that in HDBs. These kinds of floors mess with the building structure, and if it collapses, both you and the people living below you would be in danger.

No Concrete Platforms

Platforms have become a pretty regular interior design feature in renovation in Singapore. It gives a traditional feel to a home, along with providing space for storage. However, while wooden platforms are encouraged, concrete platforms should never be considered because concrete weights way more than wood.

Messing With The Bomb Shelter

A structural norm of every HDB flat is the bomb shelter. It is not something that should be messed with. However, plenty of homeowners tend to turn it into storage. What if you do need it one day? So, it’s best not to tamper with it, along with the legal ramifications.

Final Thoughts

Hacking any structural wall is also an HDB rule violation. There are many more, which is why you should have a proper conversation with M2 Decor before beginning renovation in Singapore.

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