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What Can Be The Cost Of Kitchen Renovation In Singapore?

Kitchen renovation in Singapore can be reduced to an affordable amount if you get the right interior decorators. Firms like M2 Decor would happily help you scale down on the cost because of their ethical standards. However, you must understand that renovation can also lead to many unaccounted costs.

So, while you might be able to draw up an estimate, it is always better to be prepared to pay a bit more.

What is the cost of a kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovation in Singapore tends to cost something from $12,000 to $18,000. Of course, the exact cost depends on the scale of the project. However, it is safe to say that assigning an interior decorating firm would cost you this.

Now, if you were to turn to a carpentry renovator, the cost would stagger somewhere around $5,000.

The lesser expense might make you think it is better to go for a carpenter, but it actually depends on what you want from the kitchen renovation. Interior firms would help you get a permit, draw up a proper plan and change the entire layout and style of the kitchen if you so wanted. But, of course, it would all still be done within the guidelines established if it is HDB renovation.

By carpentry, we are looking at a simple style. However, interior designers are the right choice for an extravagant kitchen renovation where you want anyone who walks in your kitchen to be amazed.

What are the factors affecting the kitchen cost?

For one, the material affects the cost severely. Leaving the material procuring to the designing firms can help you skimp the budget a bit. Since they tend to have contracts with manufacturers, they get a good deal. In turn, you get a good deal. In general, it would also help if you window shop around a little to see what the manufacturers are offering at what price.

The layout of the kitchen is a huge determining factor. Land property costs are different from HDB or condo renovation. You can probably already tell the kitchen space changes the cost outcome a lot.

The contractor you hire will also have a huge say in the cost. Experienced designing firms will cost you way more than the new ones. Yet, it is exactly their experience and their success rate that allows them to do so. Lesser experienced ones will charge less, but they also tend to be unsure and have fewer ideas.

Of course, you can’t dismiss them all. Those new in the field might surprise you. The best you can do is check the reviews to decide.

Final Thoughts

M2 Decor appears to hit that sweet spot between charging a fair, affordable amount and yet, having years of experience to back them up. So you might want to set up an appointment with them. They also have a chatbox on their website for direct enquiry.

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