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Top Interior Design Singapore tips

Even after years of living in the same place, do you ever feel like your house lacks personality or that some of its elements seem a tad bit off? Well then, it is time you turn your house into a home. With the clever and efficient tips introduced in this article, you’ll be surprised to know how there is so much more to interior designing than just fancy wallpapers and flashy art pieces

8 Useful Interior Design Singapore tips

Here are some of the best house hacks with game-changing results:

  1. Go for unique pieces of furniture and decor. Your furniture should make a statement and should be a reflection of your personality. Try scouting vintage shops and auction houses to get your hands on some classic, enduring, and antique pieces of decor that you can put together to good use.

  2. Decorate your walls with bright-colored, elegant, and high-quality wallpapers that add dimension and depth to your house. Wallpapers with subtle prints and a quirky mix of colors can elevate your room to a whole new level.

  3. All the clutter in your house needs to go away. When you clear the mess, you add a lot of space to your home which increases your satisfaction and happiness. You feel calm when you organise your things in an orderly manner. Decluttering not only removes the dust and toxins out of your house but also clears the unnecessary havoc in your mind.

  4. Use good color schemes for each room. Choose a single piece of your furniture that you like the most, and then try to base the design of your room around it. You don’t have to plan the look of your room, beforehand. Keep adding elements to it as and when you collect them and your space will come together by default.

  5. Add a pop of color to your rooms by jazzing sofas and beds with colorful cushions, and multipattern throws. Invest in some exotic smelling candles and incense to give your home a warm, relaxing, and cozy atmosphere.

  6. Rugs are a great way to anchor a space, and they create balance. They should be large enough to hold all your furniture. Pick sophisticated designs and subdued colors for your rugs so that they don’t take away from your room’s decor.

  1. If you have a blank wall lying around in your house, convert it into a gallery wall. Buy frames of varying sizes and shapes. Print out your favourite family pictures and hang the frames on the wall to give the room a refreshing new look with very little time and investment.

  2. Adorn your mundane looking house with beautiful houseplants. Out of the many benefits plants have, they also make for an amazing decor piece. Grace any corner of your home with the plants, and make sure to water them every day!


Keep experimenting with your decor and design. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to prepping your house according to your liking and comfort. Follow these amazing tips and transform your humble abode into a space full of design and decor!

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