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Our Top Pick: AOS Heaters for your Home | How to pick the right heater for your home renovation

For new homeowners and those embarking on renovations in Singapore, we believe an efficient and quality heater is paramount to your new dream home and choosing the right one can be a difficult choice. Our top choice for heaters at M2Decor has always been AOS Bath, a heater specialist with over 40 years experience in water heaters.

We asked AOS Bath, heater specialist, the top three tips to selecting the right water heater for your home in Singapore. They advised that you will need to size your heater correctly, make sure your heater fits your bathroom and floor plan and to assess your water pressure.

1. Size your heater correctly Follow this quick and easy, table-format guide to pick the right tank size for your family. It just takes a minute!

2. Take some pictures Does the heater fit your bathroom? There is no sure way to tell just from a floor plan. Instead, take pictures of your existing layout and show them to an expert.

3. Get your water pressure checked If your home water pressure is lower than 2 bars, ensure you pick a heater that does not reduce your water pressure further.

AOS Top Choices for different family group 1. For Small Families (1 to 2 users)

Blue Diamond Electric Heaters

Blue Diamond heaters are most important for those who desire a long lifespan for their heater. AOS Blue Diamond tanks are proven to have a lifespan of at least 10 years, that’s way more durable than the national average of 5 years. It really does save you the hassle of changing heaters often

2. For Mid Sized Families (3 to 4 users)

Digital Water Heaters

This is the most popular option for BTO & HDB. The AOS Bath Digital Water Heater. Get hot water in just 2 minutes at the touch of a button. You will never have to wait for a shower again. The latest digital heating technology produces hot water 8 times faster than a normal electric heater and it supports simultaneous showers.

What their client says, as quoted

"Water pressure is strong" "Heating requires less than 5 minutes" "The heat of the water can last from late night to morning" "Definitely highly recommend AOS"

Read more reviews some of their reviews here!

3. For Large Sized Families (3 to 4 users)

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Want to save $600 on heating bills a year? You can do that with the AOS Heat Pump Water Heaters. While regular electric heaters are powered at 3000 watts, heat pumps run on only 210 watts. These special heaters absorb free heat in the ambient air and transfer into the water heater. Unwind with your high pressure rainshower and indulge in a relaxing home bath without having to worry about cost.

We hope you found this article useful. Follow the 3 tips above so that shopping for your water heater will be a breeze. Need more advice? We highly recommended AOS Bath to our clients as they are a trusted water heater specialist with over 40 years of experience. Get in touch with them on their website or through instagram.

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