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Our Top 3 Tips to Choosing the right Furniture for your Lifestyle and Comfort

There is nothing better than coming home to a good night’s sleep, especially after a long day. And, they say the greatest addition to a well renovated home is the furniture. In fact, we believe that no home is complete without it.

Here are our 3 top tips to choosing furniture that suits your home, taste and lifestyle.

  1. When choosing the color scheme of your home, always put priority in the color of the sofa first. The color of the sofa will dictate the color scheme of your house so it is very important. We suggest muted colors such as gray or concrete or navy sofa as popular choices

  2. When choosing how to light your house, we believe in varied light sources. Put a blockbuster floor lamp in your living room and a small table lamp in the far corner. Using warm light to add different points of light to your house will make your place cosier.

  3. Add a floor rug or carpet in a light and neutral color for an instant way to jazz up and cosy up your living space. Layers to a room will make your space more complex. It’s sometimes the small details that make the largest difference.

However, we must not forget about the comfort/practicality of the furniture we are going to have in the house?

What’s a cozy room without a comfortable mattress?

Although design and aesthetics are important, the comfort and practicality of your choices are significant too. It is a home after all. No matter how well designed and cozy a room is, without a comfortable mattress, you will not be able to enjoy and appreciate the ambience of the room. So for that, we suggest considering Origin mattresses.

If you haven’t heard of Origin, this company specialises in providing clients with the perfect mattress that is comfortable and supportive. Most traditional mattresses are extremely overpriced and Origin strives to provide a value for money option while still providing quality. Their mattresses are designed in Germany and they offer a 120 night trial.

Renovation itself is already an expensive affair to begin with. So it is normal that every homeowner should try to find value for money in all their purchases.

Origin Hybrid mattress priced at an affordable $399 - $899 with signature pressure relieving foams and high quality springs and natural latex. Plus, did we mention 2 hour delivery?

The features include:

  1. Natural Latex + Cooling Gel Memory Foam + Pocket Springs

  2. 10-Inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress

  3. 120-Night Trial; money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

  4. Low Disturbance Mattress

  5. Cooling Tencel Cover

  6. A product of Germany

In fact, the ideal combination that Origin provides is more supportive than foam mattresses and more comfortable than spring mattresses. Find out more about Origin on their website.

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