Must-Know Steps for a Hassle-Free BTO Renovation

HDB designs have witnessed a lot of changes over the years. People have become more experimental with their choices. Even in small, limited spaces, they have equipped the house with convenience and functionality and have taken every step to make it appear more beautiful.

However, a lot goes into pulling off a BTO renovation process with minimal hassle and maximum benefits. If you are up to take on a BTO renovation process yourself, here are a few fundamental must-know steps that you should keep in mind:

1. Set a budget, stick to it, and avoid going overboard. You can be easily fooled by all the different options in the market that are expensive and yield the same benefits that an ordinary option would do. Make sure you are smart about your shopping. Go for statement pieces that add to your house without exceeding your budget.

2. In your hunt to find inexpensive alternatives, do not cut back on quality. Go for products that are efficient and offer multiple benefits for the price of one.