Most Popular HDB Interior Designing Ideas You Can Try Right Now

HDB (Housing and Developing Board) homes in Singapore are synonymous with comfort, functionality, and utmost quality of living. But, does your HDB house lack that? We have a few HDB renovation ideas that you must implement to transform your space into a greater space for you to live in.

7 Most Popular HDB Interior Designing Ideas

1. HDB houses are far from boring. Level up by adding a pop of color to your house through doors and windows. A red door can make your house stand-out and will also be a stylish, modern update.

2. Go for tiles with multiple patterns. Tiles are a great way to add dimension to your house without adding extra furniture that may take up more space. Patterned tiles will also complement your colored doors well.

3. Vintage furniture and decor pieces will add a timeless quality to your HDB house. It will not only add a personal touch to it, but the fact that it never goes out of trend will save from frequent interior changes.

4. Make your limited space look larger by painting your walls with a lighter color and opting for smaller-sized furniture. You can also add colored accents to your window frames for a more attractive appeal. Another clever way to make a small room look bigger is by adding rugs that help define the space.

5. Resort to DIY (Do It Yourself) projects wherein you can create your own decor pieces. These pieces will have a story to tell, and can be a great conversation starter when you have your friends and family over.

6. A monochromatic color scheme throughout the house is a more accessible and easier approach to decorate the house. Choose an exciting, bright hue of color, or go for neutrals; the choices are endless and easy!

7. Use glass walls that create an illusion of a bigger space. Amplify the furniture by using colorful throws and cushions that make the room look cohesive. Keep everything simple, clean, and minimalist in nature.

M2 Decor: For Your Interior Designing Solutions

The only step between you and your updated, renovated HDB house is a good interior design company that can help you achieve it. For all your complexities related to HDB interior designing and refurbishing, M2 Decor is here to your rescue.

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