M2 Decor 2 + 1 Dual Key unit Condominium Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx 1100 sq ft | Home Type: Dual Key 2+1 Condominium Unit

Scope of work: Electrical works/ Painting works/ Carpentry works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Tabletop works/ Hacking works

Imagine coming into your new home and it's similar to the modern and sleek design elements of your favorite boutique hotel. This Dual Key 2+1 Condominium home renovation project that we completed at Prince Charles Crescent combined wood and marble elements to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This project started before the COVID-19 period.

For this specific unit, we were able to meet the following key requirements of our client:

1. Combine a dual key 2+1 Condominium

One of the requirements needed was to combine a dual key 2+1 condominium unit. For this, we had to hack away the walls between the studio apartment and the two bedroom apartment. It was challenging because a Professional Engineer endorsement is usually required to remove non structural walls and this would be an expensive undertaking. On top of that, the ceilings, wirings and the existing marble tiles we planned to keep were also damaged. So how did we solve all of these issues?

Photo of the aftermath of hacking works

Before we successfully patch up the ceilings, all wires must be traced and relocated to their respective planned locations. And after doing so, we have to re-route all wires and make sure that the existing concealed air-conditioning units are not damaged.

Here's a look at our finished transformation by M2Decor after combining the units together:

2. Creating a wet kitchen from a small service yard as well as a wet and dry kitchen

Another key element that our client wanted was to create a wet kitchen in a small service yard and to create an open bar counter top and cabinetry for their dry kitchen. This dry kitchen would be part of the living space.

Our in-house carpentry created a double tier top hung cabinet to maximize and compartmentalize storage space for our client's dry kitchen. This also looked amazing with a marble look alike Dekton tabletop. This state of the art Quartz top that can withstand insanely high temperatures and you can even chop and sear on it!

3. Patching up marble floor and creating a new bedroom

As we were hacking down many walls, one of the key issues was actually to find the matching marble tiles. Marble is natural and it's challenging to match the naturally occurring patterns and colors. Fortunately, we managed to find a similar pattern which the client was very happy with.

Another key challenge for us was to create a secondary bedroom. We had to find and source for the same veneer door and door frames for the unit in order to match the rest of the doors and frames. We successfully managed to find and install the doors for our client.