M2 Decor 4 Bedroom Minimalist HDB unit Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx. 1000 sq ft | Home Type: 4 Bedroom HDB

Scope of work: Hacking works/ Electrical works/ Painting works/ Carpentry works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Plastering works/ Tabletop works

Have you ever wanted to come home to a Pinterest worthy living space? On our most recent project, we transformed this 4 bedroom HDB flat in Boon Lay to look like it came straight out of a magazine. The home owner came to us with a resale flat in dismal conditions. He wanted an airy and naturally well-lit space, a substantial walk in wardrobe for his passion for fashion and kinfolk inspired wall features to house his favorite items.

For this specific unit, we were able to meet the following key requirements of our client:

1. Re-do the foundation of the house including electrical, plumbing works, flooring, aircon pipe

Prior to renovating the place, one specific requirement the owner requested was to redo the entire existing foundation of the unit. During the process of renovation, we made a lot of discoveries within the unit itself such as aircon pipes, electrical conduits and even water pipes all under existing floor tiles. Our client at the same time had a tight budget as well so hacking and retiling the entire house was definitely not an option in this case. To keep everything up to date, and organized, we rewired whole house, shifted the Electrical Distribute Board to a more accessible location, re-did all existing inlet pipes and converted all aircon units to a System 2 (9000 + 12000 BTU) aircon units.

Aftermath of dismantling and hacking of existing surfaces of the unit.

This is the condition of the unit after everything was removed. Notice that wires were hanging absolutely everywhere. In this case, rewiring would definitely be a more cost effective option as compared to retracing and reusing the existing wires.

We also noticed the Master bathroom had been extended before as well! There were a lot of hidden pipes, unnecessary box-ups and different elevations to the floor tiles. The ceilings were also incredibly low and made the whole bathroom dark and congested.

All in all, the whole house was in a mess. However, we were able to successfully re-do and transform this home and completed the renovation with minimal hiccups.

2. Allow light to flow through the entire house to make the 4 bedroom unit feels and looks larger

The client envisioned a home that would be naturally lit and bright. For the living space, we opened up the kitchen space and service yard. We also removed all existing fixtures and used light colors on the walls and floors to make the home naturally appeared larger.

The position and selection of lightings also helped to make the space appear larger. We used smaller profile lightings and made sure that the ceiling was not over cluttered with fixtures. We also placed them in a vertical row to make the space appear elongated and thus bigger.

For the main door, we chose a white colored door with long handles to make the door feel larger and to elongate the entryway. The use of Peranakan tiles acts as a feature area and welcome demarcated area where visitors can feel comfortable to take off their shoes before entering the home.

For the bathroom, we extended the toilet to include a shower and left pipes exposed to open up the bathroom. We used unique terrazzo tiles for the shower area and also painted pipes white for that minimalist feel. The pipes were actually concealed by the previous owner and we brought this down to expose the pipes which helped to open the area up. The good thing about not boxing up the pipes is that it will be easier for the owner to troubleshoot any plumbing issues, especially for older units.

3. Aesthetic yet functional kitchen

Our client wanted an open and airy kitchen with plenty of light flowing through. We designed this kitchen to be connected to the living room and service yard to create synergy in the space.

To level the column with the rest of the kitchen, we created a multi-functional niche on the wall. This also helped the lower cabinets to be in line with each other and helped to make the kitchen more proportional. We also proposed more drawers for easy accessibility to storage.