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M2 Decor 4 Bedroom BTO HDB unit Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx. 950 sq ft | Home Type: 4 Bedroom HDB

Scope of work: Hacking works/ Electrical works/ Painting works/ Carpentry works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Tabletop works

A chic and modern Victorian concept is a popular choice for a stylish HDB transformation. We turned this high ceiling 4 Bedroom HDB unit into a home with the likes of a condo. The transformation resulted in a flexible living space, contemporary walk-in wardrobe and full height TV feature wall and settee amongst other unique and interesting features. Our clients absolutely loved our take on the traditional beading wall with black and white touches as well as their new bifold glass partition that made this home truly versatile and one of a kind.

Here are the key features of this 4 Bedroom HDB Renovation: 1. Flexible living space 2. Walk-in wardrobe 3. Capitalize on the high ceiling 4. A modern Victorian concept

1. A truly flexible living space

A 4 Bedroom HDB unit comes with 3 bedrooms - 1 en suite bedroom and 2 common bedrooms. For the 1st design brief, the homeowner requested for a flexi-space which can double up as an extended living area and a guest room if required. With this, the partition between the bedroom and living room had to be removed prior to tiling works.

Partition removed and Tiling works commence.

If you notice, the ceiling is high. We need to form a metal structure to create a structural bulk head to reinforce the top-track-only glass bifold doors (because it is really heavy). The bulkhead also acts as a platform for the aircon pipes to mount and run on.