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M2 Decor 2 Room HDB Renovation Journey

Floor space: approx. 520sqft | Home Type: 2 Bedroom HDB

Scope of work: Hacking works/ Electrical works/ Painting works/ Ceiling works/ Plumbing works/ Aircon works/ Masonry works/ Glass works/ Carpentry works/ Tabletop works/

Timeless interior design is not based on the yearly fads. Instead, it thrives on simplicity and functionality to create a cohesive balance. Our client is a single, working professional who owns a 2 bedroom HDB apartment. As an introvert who enjoys time alone, he wanted a home that emulate the best aspects of hotel interior to give him a hotel-at-home feeling. A cosy and intimate space that would stand the test of time. One which would evoke a serene atmosphere to help him recharge from the day.

With these requirements in mind, we decided to create a stylish laidback luxe design, one that would become a retreat from stress.

Are you ready for our home renovation journey? Let's get started and into it!

Here are the key features of this 2 Room HDB 1. Full height feature wall backsplash without top hung cabinet at Kitchen

2. Full height fluted panel at Living area

3. Made-to-size Curved sofa

1. Full height feature wall backsplash without top hung cabinet in Kitchen

The focal point of the kitchen is definitely the sintered stone backsplash. Not only it gives a sense of elegance, the availability in large format sizes with a wide range of custom appearance, coupled with ease of maintenance were some of the reasons for choosing sintered stones as the backsplash for the kitchen. Grey laminated lower cabinets ground the space while the sintered stone backsplash framed by laminated walnut paneling add a touch of elegance to the space. We do away with top cabinet to avoid overwhelming the compact kitchen.

Here's a look of how the kitchen look like before all the carpentry were up.

The end result is exactly what we envisioned. and how different types of color flows together cohesively.