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Incorporating Branding into your Office Design

Incorporating Branding into your Office Design

Branding has always been one of the most essential elements to promote business growth, going beyond logos and colours and reflecting the identity and specialty of your business. Good branding makes your business stand out in a sea of competitors. This explains why modern corporations are willing to invest in developing a unique branding to create quality first impressions for potential clients. As consumers are easily exposed to new brands each day, incorporating branding into your office design garners attention and stimulates interest from your targeted customer groups. This article will share how branding can be implemented into your office design.

1. Colours

Appropriate colour schemes is one of the factors contributing to successful company branding. By incorporating brand colours into your office design, you are showcasing your corporate image to your existing and potential customers. Brand colours can be presented through your office painting, furniture and the reception area, to name a few. The key is to keep the application consistent yet impactful. Before engaging an interior design company in Singapore to help you execute this, here are the steps to choosing a suitable brand colour:

Step 1: Understand how each colour impacts mood and perception.

Step 2: Learn colour-related terminology.

Step 3: Research the brand colours incorporated by competitors.

Step 4: Pinpoint the colours that reflect your brand identity.

Step 5: Identify where to display the brand colour

2. Layout

Another way to weave branding into your office design is through the office layout, for both collaborative and personal work areas. Layout planning should take brand culture and identity into account. The ratio of private offices to open spaces will vary based on the type of company. For instance, open offices and lounge spaces are perfect for teamwork-oriented offices, promoting creativity and facilitating brainstorming sessions. On the other hand, businesses that prioritise confidentiality will accentuate their branding by leveraging office layouts that value privacy, such as through space division, or private offices with doors. It is advisable to get in touch with well-renowned renovation companies in Singapore to develop an office layout that showcases your brand image in the best way possible.

Layout renovation company in Singapore

3. Furniture

Furniture can be branded to match the corporate image. Selecting the right one paves the way to a great foundation for branding. With the wide variety of furniture made available in the market, it is best to go for furniture that is versatile yet timeless. For instance, avoid making your brand visible with unmodifiable custom-printed fabric. Specifically, if you are operating a tech-savvy business, sleek furniture that easily accommodates collaboration can be an ideal choice. Otherwise, the placement of cubicles and partitions at workstation areas will fit corporate organisations that require a great extent of privacy.

4. Signage

Signage is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your office space. It sets the tone for your company branding. For example, vivid and creative signage is often used by marketing firms, while more professional firms favour a ‘cleaner’ look. When creating signage, remember to include your company name and logo, matched with suitable colour schemes that reveal your business identity.

Making branding a part of your overall office design creates a physical space that speaks volumes about your company personality and culture. The successful incorporation of branding into office design requires the expertise of trusted and competent interior design companies in Singapore.

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