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How To Choose The Right ID Firm For Interior Renovation In Singapore?

Maybe this interior renovation project in Singapore has been years in the making. It could be an HDB, condominium, or even a hotel room. It’s something that’s precious to you and you want there to be no mistakes. This means you have to choose an interior designing firm that’s reliable. You also want the entire process to go as smoothly as possible.

So, how about we look at some extra qualities an ID firm should have for interior renovation in Singapore.

Willing To Provide Consultation

Look for an interior design firm that will not only do the renovation project but is willing to offer you serious advice on interior renovation in Singapore. If it's an HDB renovation, they should show enthusiasm in helping you through the licensing process. Of course, make sure the firm is HDB registered too.

By consulting them, you would be able to gauge the level of their expertise and would immediately know if you can rely on them.

Space Planning

You want to be certain the firm takes space planning seriously. Renovation work can never be complete without making sure the space is suited for it. The first thing any interior designing firm should do is to take note of the space and plan the entire design based on it.

When talking to a firm, ask them about their method. See if space planning is a big part of the project and that would tell you a lot.

Interior Design

Take a look at the previous designs of the firm. You want to note the kind of work they do and if it is what you want for your HDB flat or condo. In general, you should focus on firms that have a strong concept of both aesthetics and functionality.

It doesn’t help if a place is particularly fancy but moving around it is tough. The place needs to be practical but appealing enough to the eye.

In-House Production

It is better to opt for firms that have interior designers and contractors as employees rather than ones that outsource. You will have a streamlined renovation process as the chain of command and communication is clear between everyone.

Final Thoughts

Interior design firms such as M2 Decor seem to fulfill all these criteria. They also have 30 years of experience and can do both residential and commercial work.

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