How Much Does Renovation Packages In Singapore Cost?

The cost of renovation packages in Singapore is dependent on a couple of factors. There’s no one-fit-all budget we can settle on. However, we can get a general idea depending on the material, type of renovation, and company.

A well-established interior design company like M2 Decor could have higher charges than others. Yet, their overall budgeting and expertise level would end up saving way more than a company that has lower fees. As such, let’s take an estimate and look at the factors that determine the cost.

How much would a 4-room HDB renovation package cost?

A 4 room HDB renovation package in Singapore could range anywhere from $8,400 to $71,000. Yes, that’s exactly how vast the entire cost range can be. It depends on what the package entails.

Is it light carpentry work or are we doing a total makeover? Is there a possibility we are perhaps replacing the entire ceilings or floor?

Living room renovation tends to cost lower because there aren’t that many components in the room. Even bedrooms can be lower. Yet, the bathroom and kitchen can take up a chunk of the cost.

It’s better to contact an ID firm with a clear picture of the entire scope of your renovation project beforehand. This way, they can get back to you with a quote that will give you a general idea of the budget you should keep.

Factors Affecting Renovation Packages In Singapore

Material Type

What kind of material are you hoping to use for the renovation project? If you want a marble countertop, expect the entire renovation package to have a similar expensive material listing. The flooring might as well be wood.

The Firm

The firm definitely plays a huge role in the cost. Most firms have packages ready with different tiers. They have a general idea of the kind of renovation you want and have a cost limit they don’t easily compromise on. You are, of course, free to negotiate and depending on the project, might save up a lot.

The Amount Of Work

Renovation packages already exist with a decided cost on most firms. However, they can make amendments to the packages. If there is no need to hack the kitchen walls, they won’t. The cost of your package would be adjusted accordingly. Usually, they make these estimates based on a total renovation project and not partial.

Final Thoughts

Innovative design firms like M2 Decor have so many wonderful ideas that no amount on the renovation package feels a lot. Send them your requirements and they will be happy to get back to you with a proper quotation. You can decide what to do onward.

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