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How Much Does 4 Room BTO Renovation Cost?

A 4-Room BTO renovation project is the sweet spot between having too little and too much space. You can fit in a family here, which is what most people look forward to. However, when you have that much space, you want to decorate in a practical and homely way. Yet, you also want the home to appear modern and well-furnished.

When you have that kind of plan for your homes, it brings up the concern of the expenses. So let’s take a look to estimate what your home renovation cost could be.

How much can a 4-room BTO renovation cost?

A 4-room BTO renovation can cost anything from $40,000 to $45,000. A flat with four rooms means you have enough space, which means your interior designing and HDB renovation company would be taking on a larger amount of work.

For couples with children on the way, the furnishing done is usually flexible. But, for the most part, the goal is to keep it minimal so the layout can be changed again when children are born.

Factors Affecting The BTO Renovation Cost

The Company You Hire

For BTO renovation, you usually have three choices. Design services, interior designers, and contractors to be hired for the project. Some companies like M2 Decor do all three in a neat package, even if they are known as interior designing firms.

Then, the cost is further influenced by whether they outsource their workers, the materials they use, etc. If you choose contractors, the price will be the lowest. Except, they won’t be drawing up the designs. You will need to develop a clear design plan they can follow.

Interior design companies take care of the entire project from start to finish. But, all the while, they keep your preference as the main factor influencing the decisions.

Size Of Your Flat

A 3-room BTO renovation might have cost you about $37,000. As we mentioned, for a 4-room BTO renovation, $40,000 is the minimum. More room means more walls to paint, hack, wiring, and piping to change, and so on.

Materials Used

This is almost always the most prominent factor influencing the cost. The fancier your aspirations are for your house, the bigger is the cost. For example, hardwood flooring can cost $30 per square foot, while ceramic barely costs $10.