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Hiring an Interior Designer? Important Questions to Ask

Asking the right questions to a potential interior designer before hiring them is one of the most pivotal steps. It is an opportunity for you to find out more about the designer, communicate to them your expectations, and gather as much information as you can before you invest your money in the project.

Before you get in touch with the top interior design firms in Singapore, we have curated a list of essential questions that you must ask your designers so that it helps you in finding the perfect match:

1. What services do they offer?

Ask them about the different services they offer pertaining to the designing and styling aspect of your interiors. Some designing firms provide architectural services like plumbing and electrical work. Various firms are classified based on the project they work on. Some design commercial spaces, while some design residential homes and premises.

2. What is the inspiration behind their styles and designs?

The place the interior designer takes his/her inspiration from will directly reflect in their work. It gets their creative juices flowing, helps them spark their hidden artistic streak, and eventually inspires them to produce results better than they are capable of. It will also help you to assess their work and deduce if they can meet your expectations.

3. How much do they charge for a project?

The overall price of a project is calculated based on several factors. From the services performed, space's size, the resources and products used, to the level of expertise involved in different sectors— the fees can significantly depend on such factors. You can ensure if the project can be pulled off under your fixed budget by asking this question.

4. How much time would they require to complete a project?

Managing the timelines that are involved to execute an interior designing project is extremely crucial. If you are aware of the time-limit your designers will take to complete a project, you can make further decisions accordingly. It will help in the managing of the project from both ends. The timeline required by them should be realistic and achievable.

5. How can they help in improving the value of your home?

A good interior designer should share his knowledge and expertise to increase the value of your home. They are adept with the competition and involved in the house-resale market. They must help you with the project with an intention to attract more traffic to it.

Top Interior Design Firms in Singapore: M2 Decor

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the crucial questions to ask before hiring an interior designer, you must find one who can give you satisfactory answers.

M2 decor is the one-stop solution for all your interior-designing related complexities. They offer quality service while catering to all your needs and requirements. For M2 decor, customer satisfaction comes before anything else. They can up the style game of your interiors through the most affordable and efficient means.

Your association with one of the top interior design firms in Singapore is only a click away; hurry up!

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