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Do You Need A Permit For BTO Renovation?

Maybe you had your BTO flat for some time, or perhaps you just got it, and you are wondering if you should furnish or do a BTO renovation. If you are planning on HDB renovation, you will need a permit. While interior designing firms like M2 Decor would gladly do the renovation work on your behalf, they can’t procure the permit. Still, they can push you in the right direction and provide assistance.

The best thing to do would be to hire an interior decorating firm and then work together for the license. What kind of renovation you are doing will determine whether it’s even necessary to apply for one. For example, you will need a license for BTO renovation if:

You’re Replacing The Flooring

If the flooring is to be destroyed or replaced, a permit is needed. The flourish finish you will choose can not pass the 5 cm mark even after getting the ticket. A room with a raised floor should not have less than 1m of distance from the window.

You’re Changing Door Area

Maybe you want to change the door of the BTO flat. Remember that it is not permitted to form one on concrete walls. If a wall or column acts as the support structure, those can’t be hacked either.

In general, you can not demolish any wall that is part of the structural integrity of the flat and the building. Walls without structural importance can be demolished, but the area has to be evaluated and approved first. The demolishing act also has to begin from the ceiling to the rest.

You’re Replacing The Window

There are specific guidelines for window removal and replacement, even after getting a permit. First, it has to match the windows that were previously there. Also, there are size limits depending on the window type. For example, sliding windows can only be 120 cm at most, and for casement windows, the room is spread from 50 cm to 70 cm.

These rules are there, so these windows somehow don’t come off and hurt others.

You’re Renovating The Bathroom

If it is a BTO renovation, then the entire bathroom can’t be touched in any way for hacking or replacing tiles for the first 3 years of ownership.

This time is given so the waterproof material can stabilize properly. Afterwards, the bathroom renovation can be done with permission.

Final Thoughts

You will also need a permit if you are doing any gas or electrical change in the condition of the BTO since this affects others sharing the complex. Again, the best option is to get in contact with M2 Decor or a similar interior design firm. They will walk you through the process and arrange a permit with you.

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