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Choosing The Best Interior Design Firms In Singapore: How To Shortlist

When it comes to the best interior design firms in Singapore. Interior designing is a pretty coveted profession in Singapore, and every firm appears to offer something different. So, how do you know which one should you choose? Well, by focusing on some aspects of a firm, you can narrow down the list a little. From that, you can find the best ones and, eventually, the one for you.

The Expertise Of The Firm

The best interior design firms in Singapore tend to have a field of expertise. Some might specifically focus on commercial spaces, while others do residential designing. Then, some might be drawn towards rustic house designs, while others prefer modern functional spaces.

Of course, just because a firm has a particular field of expertise, it doesn’t mean they are the best. Interior firms like M2 Decor focus on residential and commercial. They are also as likely to do an artsy house renovation to make well-lit modern homes. However, since they have in-house teams allotted to each design style, they never clash and streamline the entire process without a hitch.

In fact, if you are slightly unsure about your design style, it might be better to ask a firm such as M2 Decor. You can talk with various experts within their team to find the style that will suit your project.

Payment Enquiry

You should be clear on the payment system from the get-go. Do you have to pay the entire amount before the project begins? Do you pay an amount in advance and then take care of the rest?

Logically, a company that does the second is best suited for you. However, we end up accumulating different costs throughout the designing process, and while the company should give you an estimation, extra costs can’t be avoided. It’s better to pay the rest when the proper work is done.

Choose a firm that’s clear about the entire payment method with you. For example, M2 Decor doesn’t ask for huge payments before the work could begin.

Check Their Licensing

It is unlikely that an interior design firm is recommended as the best to you, and they don’t have HDB licensing. However, this is a must, and you should always ask to see the proof. It is an even better biz Safe level certificate too. You would know the firm is good for you then because they are serious about safety.