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BTO Renovation Ideas

BTO(Build/Built To Order) renovations can be a little extensive and time-consuming. The onslaught of options can make you overwhelmed and worried, too. However, with the right approach, and a little bit of brainstorming, you can create a beautiful abode for yourself.

Here are some BTO renovation ideas that will inspire you to remodel your BTO into the house of your dreams:

- For a fun and quirky look, go for neutral-colored furniture and add a pop of color in every nook and corner. If you are looking for a modern and contemporary look, go for a sleek design and focus on accessories in black, grey, and white hues.

- Your house should look coherent and nicely put-together. Every item should blend in with each other. Choose a similar color palette for each room and ensure the overall look of the house is well-organized and clean.

- Use only limited but useful decor. Place every design strategically so that your space doesn’t end up looking cramped and unkempt. Even if you have ample room in your home, avoid overcrowding it with unnecessary things. The more white space you leave, the more bright, airy, and luxurious your house will look.

- If you have a tiny space, but you want to make it look spacious and give it an urban look, opt for white backgrounds. Along with that, keep the size of your furniture petite and minimalistic. Go for tailor-made units and platform beds so the rooms can have maximum floor space.

- Make your rooms stand-out by having one centerpiece and creating the ambiance of the room in accordance with that. Finish the room’s look by including small and fun conversation starters, thus adding an exciting feature to your home.

- Your house should be a reflection of your personality. Avoid going for lighting that makes your space appear gloomy and unattractive. Instead, try to incorporate as much natural sunlight as you can. Focus on using lights that make your house look welcoming, create warmth and comfort, and are correctly positioned in each room.

- The kind of decor you use for your house speaks volumes about you. Make sure you embellish the walls with antique paintings that you feel connected to. Invest in unique artifacts that have a background story to it. If nothing seems right, add family photographs to create a nice, homely atmosphere.

About M2 Decor

BTO renovations require an abundant investment of money and time. It is imperative for residents to acquire a government-approved permit and hire a professional contractor to execute the renovation process.

If you lack any of the above necessities, the best option is to collaborate with the best renovation company in Singapore.

M2 Decor holds the record for rendering impeccable BTO renovation services to its clients. They consider all the essential requirements of their customers, provide quality input, and guarantee a seamless renovation process.

M2 Decor is here to rescue you. Contact them right away to create a safe, warm, and humble space for yourself that represents your unique taste and personality.

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