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BTO Renovation: Dos and Don’ts

A BTO renovation requires hours of work and comes with a lengthy and arduous set of rules and regulations that must be religiously followed. These rules are laid by the public housing system of Singapore, the Housing Development Board (HDB). Approximately 80% of Singaporeans reside in the flats provided by the Housing Development Board. As by law, if the residents wish to make changes to their flats, they must compulsorily abide by the rules and regulations issued.

If this is a topic that concerns you and you are planning on a BTO renovation project in the coming future, here are certain Dos and Don’t that you must keep in mind:


● Since BTO flats are relatively small and compact, use limited furniture and decor items. Go for furniture that is multipurpose and decor that is useful and efficient. Declutter the mess and avoid overcrowding with unnecessary stuff.

● The electric wiring in your house can only be carried off by BCA (Building & Construction Authority) or EMA (Energy Market Authority) certified professionals. You need not obtain a permit for any added electrical work.

● You are free to add a second floor to the already existing base floor without obtaining a prior permit.

● A minimum clearance height of at least 2.4 meters should be established between the finished floor levels and the false ceilings of the house.

● Full-length window frames and 3/4 and bay windows can only be replaced if the window panels and frames are severely damaged and impaired.


● You cannot restore or refurbish the floors and walls of your bathroom without obtaining a permit at least three years in advance. This is done to avoid water overflow to the neighboring flats.

● The gas pipes present in the kitchen must never be covered.

● Bathrooms should not have false ceilings. While constructing a false ceiling, combustible materials should not be used.

● The bomb shelters, more commonly known as housing shelters, must not be tampered with at the time of renovation. They provide protection and security during times of emergency.

● The structural and internal walls of the house must not be disturbed or damaged at the time of painting the walls or adding wallpapers in the place.

M2 Decor: For Your BTO Renovation Project

The guidelines that need to be followed for a BTO renovation project can get quite overwhelming unless smartly dealt with. It is an extensive, laborious process that requires extra assistance.

If you aim to have a smooth, unproblematic BTO renovation project, you need to get in touch with M2 Decor. They have been successfully rendering renovation services for the past couple of years.

M2 Decor is well aware of the necessities and prerequisites that come with something as complicated as a BTO renovation. They help you save your valuable time and efforts and help you throughout the process. They prevent you from making unnecessary purchases and have the government-approved permit that authorizes them to carry through the BTO renovation task.

If you want to learn more about the works of M2 Decor, collaborate with them, and have a successful BTO renovation process - get in touch with them here:

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