Best Way to Design a New and Stylish 4 Room BTO

Build to Order flats, commonly called BTO flats, are cosy homes allocated by the Singapore Housing and Development Board. 4 room BTO renovations are a great way to craft these houses into your perfect homes.

How You Can Style Your 4 Room BTO

Designing a home is a task that requires a fair amount of idea about what you expect in terms of colour and style. Here are a few tips for styling your 4 Room BTO in an attractive way, making it a cosy space to live in.

- Use mirrors to enhance the space you live in. With a booming interior design industry in Singapore, BTO designers have discovered this hack to make spaces appear large and grand. Use ceiling to floor mirror leaves on any one feature of your room, and this creates the illusion of double the space. You could go the extra mile and opt for mirror cut feature walls, which are quite popular nowadays.

- You probably are on the lookout to reduce clutter. A great way to amp up decor without cluttering your BTO home is by playing up the lighting. Clever lighting fixtures and false ceiling lights can be used to create accents and drama. Floor lamps and lava lamps are also a great way to add some decor subtly.