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Best Way to Design a New and Stylish 4 Room BTO

Build to Order flats, commonly called BTO flats, are cosy homes allocated by the Singapore Housing and Development Board. 4 room BTO renovations are a great way to craft these houses into your perfect homes.

How You Can Style Your 4 Room BTO

Designing a home is a task that requires a fair amount of idea about what you expect in terms of colour and style. Here are a few tips for styling your 4 Room BTO in an attractive way, making it a cosy space to live in.

- Use mirrors to enhance the space you live in. With a booming interior design industry in Singapore, BTO designers have discovered this hack to make spaces appear large and grand. Use ceiling to floor mirror leaves on any one feature of your room, and this creates the illusion of double the space. You could go the extra mile and opt for mirror cut feature walls, which are quite popular nowadays.

- You probably are on the lookout to reduce clutter. A great way to amp up decor without cluttering your BTO home is by playing up the lighting. Clever lighting fixtures and false ceiling lights can be used to create accents and drama. Floor lamps and lava lamps are also a great way to add some decor subtly.

- Simple and clean, muted colours will never go out of style. Soft earthy tones are a classic. Keep light furniture as well and implement tones of wood in furniture or even decor. This gives a clean look while reducing the number of things you might need to clean around the house. You can pair it up with very few accents. You can even add soft chintz and plush cushions to give the house a minimalist yet cosy feel.

- Get pieces that show your personality. Whether it is an art piece you made or want, or a chalkboard to jot down your ideas, give yourself some space to express yourself and your personality style. This will be a welcome change and doubles as a decor that is truly unique.

- A mix of vintage and modern furniture pieces or decor will give your 4 room BTO a classic retro look. You can experiment with textures and colours as well. This could give your BTO a bold but soft feel. In addition, this gives you the freedom to experiment with multiple patterns and colours.

M2 Decor: Your BTO Renovation Partner

In your search to make your BTO the perfect 4 room BTO?

You might need professional help. Singapore's best interior decorators at M2 Decor are eager to help and have handled a lot of projects to a successful and satisfactory completion.

If you're ready to have a 4 room BTO renovation that will turn it into the house of your dreams, get in touch with M2 Decor. They will work with you and craft a home that is attuned to your personal preference and style.

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