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Affordable Budget 4 Room BTO Renovation Ideas

Would you believe us if we tell you that it is possible to renovate your 4 room BTO (Built to Order) without having to break your bank? You are only a few ideas away from renovating a house that is full of warmth, love, and style.

- The purpose of the renovation should be to make your space more inviting and captivating to the eyes. Something as simple as changing the tiles, covering the walls with a fresh coat of paint, and removing all the clutter can do wonders for your BTO.

- Get rid of all the old, rusty rags and carpets that give your house a bad impression. Hardwood floorings are a better alternative that is cheap, and a great tool to make the most out of small, cramped up spaces.

- Wooden furnishing has a modern, up-to-date appeal while giving your house a retro, old-charm, vintage look. The best part about them is that they can be paired with almost any background color, decor pieces, and ornaments you have lying around your house.

- Do not skimp on the decor pieces that will make or break the deal to a successful renovation project. They are the most underrated tools that can amplify the whole appearance of your house, without making you go over your budget. You can add as many or as few as you like. It gives depth to your rooms, enhances your wall, and gives your house a personality of its own!

- Don’t leave your bathrooms unattended. An unkempt, dirty bathroom is largely off-putting in a house. Make sure you change all the faucets and upgrade your decaying bathroom to a new, modern one. Remove all the stains and grease that are often overlooked while renovating the house.

Before you implement any of these ideas, make sure you have a set budget and timeline, the right contractors to collaborate with, and all the legal permits and paperwork procured and ready, respectively.

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