5 Minimalistic Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen renovation is a process that takes time and effort, transforming a kitchen into one of your dreams is no mean feat. If you're looking for kitchen renovation Singapore has a lot of ideas for you to consider. Minimalism is a feature that's been trending for a while now, mostly due to the ease of maintenance, elegance and simplicity of the style. It avoids unnecessary clutter and makes your kitchen a place you'd look forward to.

Want to give your kitchen a makeover? Here are 5 tips for a minimalist kitchen renovation.

Renovating Your Kitchen: The Minimalist Guide

If you're looking for ideas to fuel your next renovation, look no further. Here are 5 tips to help you look forward to the next kitchen renovation.

- A monochromatic colour palette ensures that you have a uniform colour scheme throughout the kitchen. It also means less for the eyes to focus on- so it is easier on the eyes and lets you focus on the work at hand. It also makes the kitchen a soothing place, rather than a den of clutter and loud, bright colours. It also helps if you remove non-essential appliances from the countertop as it allows more focus on the beautiful aesthetic than on the appliances.

- Remove the plugs and sockets from your backslash and clear that area. Instead, opt for pop-up plugs inside your counters or inside the cabinets. This placement is easier to access and makes storage of appliances easy as well. You also do not have to worry about ugly sockets, but rather have a clean backslash that you are free to decorate uniformly.

- Opt for sleek appliances. This means choosing modernism over traditional appliances. Choose colours that complement your countertop and colour scheme.

- A centre sink is a great way to give your kitchen a minimalist makeover. This leaves a good amount of space around the surface, giving ample space around the perimeter of the kitchen. You can also amp this up by opting for either a waterfall effect, with the same colour scheme of the backslash, or a bold abstract colour.

- Vintage decor and lighting is a great way to generate interest without going over the top. Vintage hardware, sconces and light fixtures are a great way to put a twist to your kitchen. They act as decor too, saving you the need to opt for too many pieces or clutter.

M2 Decor: Renovate Your Kitchen in Style

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Browse through beautiful patterns, great backslashes and ideas that will make your kitchen renovation a dream project for you.

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