A Beginner's Guide to HDB Renovation

​ If you are a Singaporean, you must be aware of HDB flats, Singapore's public housing system. Around 80% of Singaporeans live in an HDB flat, managed by the Housing Development Board (HDB). HDB renovation is not an easy task. Several rules and regulations must be followed if you are considering renovating your HDB.

Important Renovation Guidelines

As daunting as it may seem, renovating a house is an exciting process. If you’ve been saving up and planning to renovate your home, this guide will help you a great deal.

  • You should correctly wire your house. The contractors that you hire for the electric wiring of your home should be EMA or BCA certified so that the process is carried out safely and under proper professional assistance. You can install additional electrical works without obtaining a permit.

  • Are you planning on restoring the walls and floors of your bathroom? You’ll have to wait for at least three years before you gain a permit to change them. Although residents are allowed to add a second layer of the floor on top of the existing base, this rule is established to protect neighboring flats from water overflow.

  • You cannot replace full-length windows and 3/4 and bay windows unless the frames have been severely damaged. Window renovation comes with a lot of restrictions. The newly installed windows should be of the same color and size as the original ones. And, any replacement work can only be carried forward after obtaining a permit.

  • Are you bored with the colors of your house? Good news! Residents are given flexibility in changing the wallpaper and colours of the walls without a pre-approval, as long as the structural and internal walls are not disturbed.

Home renovation is an extensive process. It requires weeks and months of hard work, time, and patience.

Before you undertake this laborious task, make sure that you have ample of inspirational and creative ideas.

Create a budget and stick to it so that it saves you from making unnecessary purchases. Plan your finance options beforehand. Establish an upper limit for your expenses and use your home renovation loans and savings accordingly.

Do your renovation in parts so that it doesn’t take a toll on you. Stick to classic pieces of furniture and decor that are easy to maintain. Scour shops and websites where you can find affordable furniture without any compromise on quality.


Most HDB renovation processes require a permit approved by government authorities. Secure these essential permits and permissions and keep yourself updated with the important HDB guidelines. Along with this, residents are legally bound to hire a contractor or an interior designer with HDB permits. It is crucial to maintain the housing system’s structural integrity and renovate it while considering all the essential factors.

Hire the right help, get your creative juices flowing, supervise the execution process, and turn your house into a magical place for you!

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