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Residential Interior Design Trends in 2020

With the ever-growing impact of modern technology, Singapore interior design and renovation is changing at a rate we have never seen before. The best interior design firms in Singapore are consistently updating trends in order to create only the most modern, innovative designs. As each season comes to an end and another begins, we see a wide range of emerging new home decor designs, which often results in new updates rather than complete changes.

Whilst some trends may only last for a few months, others may last for years, continuing to update and thrive within the design industry. On top of these trends, there are also key colors that become the next big thing for designs, especially when it comes to the ‘Colour of the Year‘ accolades. There is no escaping these trends, whether you choose to follow them or just take some influence. Here are some of the top trends that we have seen from the best interior design firms in Singapore.


Figure 1: Example of a minimalistic streamline design

Structured Simplicity

This new trend derives from the Nordic Retreat trend of 2019 and is used to create a calm, comfortable area to sit back and relax in. It is focused on the safety of our home and using our home as a place to sit back and regenerate after a long day at work. It makes use of neutral colors in order to create a calm yet uplifting environment within your own home.

Rather than using bold and bright, this trends uses soft and neutral as well as pared-back pieces and considered choices. This element of more thoughtful home choices comes from the trend of being aware of sustainability in the modern business climate. Due to the nature of this look, it can work within any setting in your home. Whether you would like to use it in a smaller modern bathroom or a bespoke new kitchen, the trend will apply. It works particularly well in a living room or bedroom and can be paired with a dark color for added impact.

Tranquil Hues

The Dulux colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn and it has already had a significant impact on the residential interior design industry. It is a soft neutral looking green that will blend with the colors of most rooms. It was inspired by 'the planets’ mood on the approach of a new decade' and how technology is starting to make us feel so disconnected from one and other. The color itself is extremely versatile and will completely change when combined with alternative palettes. It can be softened with creamy pinks or appear cooler by mixing it with a hint of grey.

The Return Of Texture

Whilst color is very important in 2020, it is not the sole focus of new trends. Texture is also being used in order to add interest to rooms. One trend that is extremely popular at the moment, is the layering of different textures with similar colors. It looks absolutely fantastic when using neutral colors and it is possible to find different ways to decorate each room within your home. For example, in the living room, the use of pillows and blankets is a great way to build texture. In other rooms, plants and dried flowers are also a great way to add that little bit more to each room.

Figure 2: Example of a textured laminate used

Concealed Kitchens

In the past, this particular trend has been used to hide a panty behind an integrated cabinet door, or turn the fridge into a kitchen unit. However, now, new interior designers are starting to conceal the entire kitchen.

As living spaces as a whole are starting to get smaller and storage has become smarter, clean, minimalistic kitchen designs have become increasingly popular. Items that would once clutter areas within the room such as plug sockets, kettles and toasters are now concealed in cabinets and uninterrupted surfaces. This makes the room appear significantly more spacious and if a perfect idea for those with a small kitchen design. It helps to create a streamlined look, whilst also being significantly more practical for those who use their kitchen often. Whilst this particular trend is somewhat different from the others, it has the potential to become a norm in kitchens in the future.

Figure 3: Example of a Semi Concealed kitchen

To sum it all up, interior design trends are always changing but one thing for sure, minimalistic look is definitely here to stay because it is timeless and you will never feel bored about it.

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