What to look out for in a quality interior designer and renovator

You have just secured the keys to your new house. Congratulations! But now, you step in for the first time and note a few things: it feels like an empty space, barren and cold, devoid of identity and creative fun.

At the same time, you recognize that this is an empty canvas full of potential. Now, how do you metamorphosize your new house into a home? A home that amalgamates a sense of personal identity with class and detail?

A quality interior designer is what you would want. Let us read on to find out what to look out for when finding one.

  1. Optimization of your budget Arguably the most important of all factors, a quality interior designer should be adept in maximizing your financial budget to give you the best possible results. Let’s face it – we have already taken a significant portion of our savings to down-pay our new house, and it is entirely rational and prudent to not be willing to allocate too much to the designing. It would give you peace of mind to know that your designer has a track record of stretching every hard earned dollar a client puts in. That way, you can be assured that you will be getting the utmost best result that your budget entailed. However, note that a good designer will not be able to make magic out of thin air. After all, there is a cost price to pay for quality materials for furniture, for example. But a crafty designer with an eye for detail will be agile enough to find the next best alternative.

  2. Track Record Always ask your designer for examples of homes that he has designed based on a similar budget as yours. This will give the best estimation of what you can expect. Also, it helps to align expectations between client and designer. For example, if you would like a Balinese styled home, be sure to ask your designer for examples of similarly themed projects he has completed with your planned budget. Ultimately, the old adage holds especially true here – past results are the best indicator of future ones. You would want a trusted aide by your side when designing the home you will be living in for the next decade or more.

  3. Time Frame Be sure that your designer is not just agreeable, but that it is also feasible, for completing the project within your desired time frame. If your designer has too many projects on his plate and you need yours expedited in 3 months, do remember that a responsible designer will clearly express his concerns. To avoid rushed and slipshod work, do try to plan your interior design plans early. (insert link to the blog article)

  4. Matching styles Although a good designer should be able to adapt to different style requirements, it is still important that you find one who shares your taste. This is especially true if you desire something niche, like Victorian-inspired homes. Your designer should show past work of similar styles. While you should ask him to provide a detailed 3D sketch of his interpretation of your home, do check for any sign that the sketch feels like it is from a template or worse, adapted from a past client. No two projects should be the same, each with its own special details and requirements as dictated by the home owner.

To summarize. these four factors should represent a good gauge of what to look out for in an interior designer. Ultimately, nothing beats the vibes and chemistry that you feel from your discussions with him. After all, he is going to be the person helping you build your dream home, and you want to be perfectly comfortable and confident in him.

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