The Importance Of Early Planning For Interior Designing and Renovation

We all recognize the importance of saving up for milestone events in life, like getting married and starting a family. While not as momentous, renovating a house still ranks as one of those key to-do’s that can be financially substantial. But with early planning, doing up your dream home need not be a vexing affair – more so if you work with an interior designer, who can be the critical difference between a troubled home renovation journey and a fulfilling one that ticks all the right boxes.

An interior designer, or ID in short, is much more than a project manager or contractor. He is the one who discusses with you and advises you on your preferences and requirements, conceptualizes and executes the look and feel of your home, right down to last tile and paint, the quality of fittings and finishes, the coordinated furniture and furnishings. He is your go-to expert during your home renovation journey, so that you can sit back, relax and see how your dream home comes alive.

Figure 1: An example of a layout plan an interior designer will provide you

By planning early, you give more time to choosing a good ID who not only understands your needs but works well with you in realizing your dream home too. He is also someone who can guide you in coming up with a reasonable budget to cover both renovation works and furniture and appliances; a refrigerator, a washing machine and an oven will form a significant portion of your budget, as will the costs of lightings and electrical points. Want a false ceiling? It requires more downlights. Fancy a bathroom with a rain shower and massaging functions?

Furthermore, different types and intricacies of designing command different costs. Intricate home themes such as the Victorian, Balinese, Industrial and the like will require additional work, fittings and furnishings which will in turn add more costs.