How to avoid bad apples in the renovation market

Buying a house is simple. Owning a house is complicated. To make a house truly yours, you need to re-fashion it to your liking. That requires renovations, which do not come cheaply. It is a big expenditure, that requires you to find a qualified renovation company.

The average homeowner will spend years to save up for renovation, and some will take up a loan which they spend years to repay. Why lose your hard-earned savings to irresponsible interior designers or contractors, who don’t have the responsibility to do a good job?

Over the last eight years, more than 1,200 victims fell into renovation scams in Singapore. A great percentage of victims did their due diligence and yet, still ended up losing their savings to these black sheep in the industry.

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HDB and the Small Claims Tribunal can’t help you if the interior designer or contractor shuts down.

It’s not surprising that the interior design industry is loosely regulated: anyone can simply register a company, find a space, and start operating business as usual without prior accreditation, certifications and experience. Anyone can start claiming that they are interior designers and start collecting jobs.