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10 types of Kitchen designs you do not want to miss

The kitchen is traditionally a place to prepare meals. Yet, it doubles up as a conduit that promotes conversation among family, deepening bonds and increasing connection. Beyond that, if designed via the hands and eye of a skilled designer, it also serves as a conversation piece.

Bottom only cabinets with handles

A beautiful way to spice up your kitchen is with a bottom only cabinets kitchen structure. This layout brings air and light into a minimalist kitchen and is great if you also like to display certain jars of ingredients and your favourite pots and pans. This particular kitchen project encompasses bold colours, unique handles and knobs and also tiles backsplash to characterise the kitchen. Upper cabinets were not installed to give a feeling of an enlarged kitchen.

Who is it for:

Definitely the port of call for anyone who loves an airy and light kitchen experience and ain't afraid to maintain it!

Double Tier Top and Bottom cabinet

A double tier top and bottom cabinet are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A double tier top as you see in this particular project adds even more storage space and an inset cabinet hood helps keep the kitchen light and airy. It's great if you foresee yourself having super clean countertops as everything will have it's own space.

Who is it for:

For the homeowner struggling for storage space, this kitchen offers the best of both worlds!

L Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen looks exactly like it sounds – two elements meet together at a right angle. It is a highly adaptable and versatile layout that may suit smaller kitchens.