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10 types of Kitchen designs you do not want to miss

The kitchen is traditionally a place to prepare meals. Yet, it doubles up as a conduit that promotes conversation among family, deepening bonds and increasing connection. Beyond that, if designed via the hands and eye of a skilled designer, it also serves as a conversation piece.

Bottom only cabinets with handles

A beautiful way to spice up your kitchen is with a bottom only cabinets kitchen structure. This layout brings air and light into a minimalist kitchen and is great if you also like to display certain jars of ingredients and your favourite pots and pans. This particular kitchen project encompasses bold colours, unique handles and knobs and also tiles backsplash to characterise the kitchen. Upper cabinets were not installed to give a feeling of an enlarged kitchen.

Who is it for:

Definitely the port of call for anyone who loves an airy and light kitchen experience and ain't afraid to maintain it!

Double Tier Top and Bottom cabinet

A double tier top and bottom cabinet are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A double tier top as you see in this particular project adds even more storage space and an inset cabinet hood helps keep the kitchen light and airy. It's great if you foresee yourself having super clean countertops as everything will have it's own space.

Who is it for:

For the homeowner struggling for storage space, this kitchen offers the best of both worlds!

L Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen looks exactly like it sounds – two elements meet together at a right angle. It is a highly adaptable and versatile layout that may suit smaller kitchens.

Who is it for:

This layout is suitable for those who are space-savvy and prioritize efficiency. The work angle also makes cooking easier.

Full Quartz Top and Backsplash

Quartz is a unique and resistant material for kitchen countertops and it's super popular to have a matching quartz backsplash as well. This modern design is both sophisticated and uniquely functional. It adds a clean atmosphere to the kitchen worth coming home to.

Who is it for:

For those who would like a beautiful, streamline and clean design to cook at home

Multi-purpose kitchen

The dining kitchen is basically one that has a space (aka dining table and chairs) for eating meals integrated within the kitchen space. This may work especially well for larger spaces, and otherwise, cramp up a smaller kitchen. Client's brief is to have an island and a dry and wet kitchen. The island also doubles up as a place for preparation, photography as well as a place for people to hang around and communicate with each other.

Who is it for:

For those who would like to socialise while cooking.

Bar counter kitchen concept

An island kitchen is a separate cabinet meant for storing utensils and cutleries. Additionally, it doubles up as a dining table and allows easy serving of food due to its proximity to the stove. Aesthetic wise, a kitchen island can be designed to complement the colours and tones of the existing kitchen or simply deviate completely.

In love with wines, whiskey, soju and beers? This well lit kitchen doubles up as a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine and watch your "bartender" prepare your drink.

Who is it for:

Definitely one for the serious, aspiring MasterChef. With a bar counter, you have a great space to work with, which can really come in handy when you’re trying to meet the demands of that next Michelin-starred meal. What’s more, additional cutlery and utensils can be neatly stuck away here. At the end of the day, even if you’re not a serious cook, you may still fall in love with the bar counter concept purely due to its unique and beautiful design.

Shaker Style Kitchen

Walking into a splendidly designed traditional kitchen feels like stepping into a fabric of time in the Victorian age. This kitchen style focuses on materials, designs, and arches that resemble the past. The ultimate goal here is to achieve the classic look – how to achieve it is flexible and versatile. However, one feature that tends to stick is the stove being at the centre of the room.

Who is it for:

This kitchen is for the him or her who appreciates the classic, timeless look as opposed to louder and bolder colours and tonality that may veer on the side of opulence.

U Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is a classic and time-tested design that have three connected walls adjacent to each other. A major benefit is that more than two or more people can be cooking and preparing at once, owing to the relatively larger counter space and distinct separation for the kitchen.

Who is it for:

This style suits those which larger families, who may need the space offered to accommodate multiple cooks at once.

Straight and Parallel Kitchen

The straight kitchen is probably the most common one in the world. This kitchen lines up straight and parallels against the wall. It’s the simplest layout to plan and almost impossible to get wrong. However, simple does not necessarily mean it doesn’t have the potential to be beautiful. Sometimes, it’s the simple and little things that, in all its purity, bring out the best of a home.

Who is it for:

This layout may suit those who prefer to spend more time and effort on designing other areas and rooms of the home. It may also appeal to those who do not want the kitchen style to affect the aesthetics of the rest of the home.

Timeless L shaped Kitchen

The modern kitchen is often one that has a sleek, angular, and simple design. As opposed to the traditional kitchen, this has minimal ornaments and adornments – they’re deemed superfluous in this concept. There will also be less wooden tonality and features. When done well, the resulting look exudes a stunning sharp vibe all around.

Who is it for:

Definitely for the millennial or anyone who wants something that deviates from the traditional path. This kitchen will feature less natural materials like wood, so will come off fresher and more vibrant than traditional ones.

Overall, we hoped you enjoyed this overview of kitchen designs and find it useful for your next renovation project. These are all kitchens that we have created and renovated for our clients at M2 Decor.


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