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Condo Interior Design & Renovation in Singapore

Having a condo unit is considerably more practical and less daunting, in addition to having first-rate amenities, solid security, and a prime location. Additionally, since the exterior has already been taken care of, you are solely in control of the interior. When coming up with a condo  interior design, you can decorate the space in a variety of ways, letting you create a home that reflects your tastes and individuality.

Many new condo owners shudder at the notion of performing the chore on their own when they try to envision how to plan their condo interior design and decorate their interiors.Condominium units may have fewer spaces yet the small space living may be challenging to maintain. To provide the impression that the area is larger, interior designers often employ several aesthetic techniques.

Because they are more reflective, light and brilliant walls can give the impression that the space is spacious and airy. Dark coloured walls , on the other hand, tend to absorb light, which will only make your room feel smaller. When possible, consider multi-functional furnishings as well to save both money and space. The greatest interior designers use items like a couch bed, mini fridge, and 2-in-1 laundry machine and dryer, because they are especially made for small homes like condo flats. To make the most of the limited space in your condo's kitchen, you may also install built-in storage spaces above or below the worktops. Adding bunk beds in your 2-bedroom condo interior design will also help.

Want to start giving your condo the interior you've always imagined? Whether it be studio, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom condo interior design, we at M2 Decor are here to help you with the task!

Condo Interior Design Tips

Find your style first before you begin with anything related to condo interior design. Living with a mismatched décor can be stressful, therefore you wouldn't want to endure it. Pick a condo interior design that complements both your personal preferences and the architecture of your property. Here are some suggestions for condo interior design that you might want to keep in mind:

Select a lighter wall colour_.jpg

Select a lighter wall colour

Whether you are planning for a 3-bedroom or 2-bedroom condo interior design, the goal is to make the space seem bigger. To make a room feel bigger and less crowded, choose white, muted colours, and off-white.

Add full length curtains and mirrors.jpg

Add full length curtains and mirrors

To maximise the space in your condo and make it appear larger than it is, add mirrors and draperies. Mirrors on the walls might give the impression that the space is larger than it actually is. Just below the ceilings, hang long curtains or drapes that extend all the way to the floor. The ceilings may appear instantaneously higher as a result. Eliminate your clutter as well to make room in your condo.

Incorporate some greeneries.jpg

Incorporate some greeneries

It's a good idea to keep real indoor plants for your studio, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom condo interior design. Plants in the home serve both decorative and useful purposes. They not only beautify your environment and make it more enjoyable, but they also improve the air you breathe, which is good for both your physical and mental health.

Condo Renovation Tips

To maintain your own peace and happiness in your own personal haven, it's crucial to consider the interior design of your condo unit. The best condo renovation plan must be carefully thought out by new homeowners for their living arrangement. Fortunately, new homeowners will no longer need to struggle to come up with a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom condo interior design with the help of a good condo renovation team. Here are some suggestions for condo renovation you might want to take into account.

Plan Ahead.jpg

Plan Ahead

Make a list of everything you wish to change for your condo renovation in Singapore. You can then estimate the size of the renovations your unit needs.

Take Budgeting Seriously.jpg

Take Budgeting Seriously

If you have a limited budget, your extravagant design ideas with state of the art appliances might not be as feasible. Our design professionals may offer advice on low-cost materials and furniture that requires little upkeep.

Mind the Condo Renovation Policies.jpg

Mind the Condo Renovation Policies

Given that the area you need to rebuild is located in a residential building, it's critical that you understand the renovation-related building policies. You would need to look into construction contracts, permitted wall design solutions, noisy policies, the duration of the condo renovation project, and more.

Opt for Smart Space Saving Solutions.jpg

Opt for Smart Space Saving Solutions

In a condo unit with limited room, you can regulate your comfort with the correct storage solutions. Look for innovative storage solution ideas that suit your needs if you find that your space is becoming cluttered with all of your belongings.

Convert the bare walls in your home into a useful surface for shelving. Make use of the concealed, yet accessible, cabinetry that can be customised for your space. Utilise the space underneath any furniture, such as the bed. Open shelves can be utilised to store commonly used goods as part of kitchen condo renovation ideas.

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